About Ideal Catering

Authentically Nashville

You’re looking for the perfect service to manage your important catering event. You don’t want to hand it over to just anyone. After all, if you want something done right…

Do it yourself, right? That’s what we say here in TN.

But at Ideal Catering, we know we can deliver (and even over deliver) on our promises of amazing food, served in spectacular fashion, on time, safely, and professionally. We’re confident you can relax knowing we not only have everything under control, but we do it all with smiles and a passion for going above and beyond.

We’re a mother-daughter duo who handle every ingredient and recipe ourselves. The day before your event, we head to the local markets to carefully select all of the food for your occasion by hand. We know what makes stellar food is clean, fresh ingredients.

On the day of your event, we both head to the kitchen cut, chop, stir, mix, bake, saute, season, and simmer until we are 100% satisfied with our dishes. When you grow up cooking with your Grandma in the kitchen, you know nothing other than the absolute best will do. Your good name is baked into your good food and your reputation is staked on every bite. That’s why our food is authentic, wholesome, delicious, and filled with love.

In fact, Ideal Catering started after answering the question “What’s your dream job?” With a love of working with food and helping people, Ideal Catering was baked up in 2003.

Since then, we’ve never scored below a 99 on a health department inspection, and we’ve even done events for the Metro Health Department. Not to mention Vanderbilt doctors, Metro Police, and even Andrew Jackson’s house! We’re one of Vanderbilt’s preferred vendors, and are so proud of the work we are able to do in our community as a family operated and woman-owned business.

We can’t wait to work for you next! Call us right away for a free consultation to see why so many in Nashville are calling Ideal Catering the best in the business.