Corporate Events

Experts at Corporate Event Catering

When you host a corporate event, you have a certain end goal in mind. Perhaps it’s to thank employees or customers. Maybe you want to land a new account or put your brand at the forefront of an industry. Like any other goal, to get amazing results, you need to be exacting and meticulous with the plans to get you there. Here’s where Ideal Catering steps in and helps.

nashville corporate eventFirst, with your input and ideas, we craft a menu to set the tone for the whole occasion. The menu should align with brand messaging and the environment you want to create. Whether it’s elegant for honoring someone, exciting for fundraising or a new offering, or opulent for a business opportunity, Ideal Catering can implement your vision.

Food is the centerpiece, figuratively and literally, for everything we do. At Ideal Catering, we start with fresh ingredients, clean workstations, and decades of experience to bring amazing, high-quality, and thoughtful culinary selections to your guests. Instead of hassle and rush, we deliver each element methodically and with steady confidence to create the feeling you want for your organization and brand.

Next, our service makes every attendee feel not just noticed, but important. When guests are nourished and happy, they leave markedly impressed by your good choices. In fact, most of the new business we acquire is by referral. We know if we are getting referrals, your organization is getting a lot of praise as well.

nashville corporate cateringWhile we leave you to mingle and relax, we get wrapped up in the details. Linens, utensils, plates, deliveries, flower centerpieces, licensed bartenders (with client-provided alcohol), vendors, decorations - we can coordinate all of the details of your event from start to finish. And you’ll feel comfortable trusting us with your event and knowing it’s in our hands because we believe in transparency, over delivering, and good communication.

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